2016 Expired Bids

Bid #  Bid Opening Date Bid Project Bids Received Awarded to 
QPA-3-2016 Feb 3, 2016 Procurement of 65 and 95 Gallon Solid Waste Refuse Containers
Bids Received Sanitation Equipment Co
QPA-2-2016 Feb 10, 2016 Procurement of Firefighter Personal Escape Sytems, 60 Complete Systems  Bids Received Rescue Products International, Inc.
QPA-4-2016 Feb 10, 2016 Dry Sprinkler System  Bids Received Total Fire Safety 
RFQ-1-2016 (Proposal) Feb 10, 2016 (Proposal Due) Storm and Sanitary Sewer System Video Investigation Equipment  Bids Received No Award

QPA-6-2016 Feb 10, 2016 Instructional Tennis Class and Camp    US Sports Institute
QPA-5-2016  Feb 10, 2016 Instructional Youth Class and Camp Programming    US Sports Institute
OTE: 2016-1 March 29, 2016 Woodland Sewage Treatment Plant Sand Filters Upgrades Bids Received JEV Construction, LLC 
OTE: 2015-9 April 7, 2016 Culvert Replacement between Western Avenue and Searing Avenue  Bids Received Underground Utilities Corp. 
Quotations  June 1, 2016 6" and 8" Safety Shoes  Bids Received Morris Plains Shoes
RFQ-1A-2016 (Proposal) June 10, 2016 Sanitary Sewer System Video Investigation Equipment
Bids Received  No Award
OTE: 2016-4 June 16, 2016 Picatinny Road Roadway Improvement Project Bids Received Midwest Construction Inc. 
OTE:2016-2  July 7, 2016 Chemical Analyzer, Butterworth & Woodland Sewage Treatment Plants  Bids Received Pumping Services
OTE:2016-6 July 15, 2016 Procurement of One(1) Current Year GMC Sierra 4 WD regular cab with option for service body and accessories or equivalent  * AN ADDENDUM HAS BEEN ISSUED, PLEASE CONTACT THE PURCHASING DEPT. FOR MORE INFORMATION.
Bids Received Beyer Brothers
OTE:2016-5 July 13, 2016 Normandy Heights Road Improvement Project *Cancelled / Notice of Cancellation    No Award
RTQ-1B-2016 July 13, 2016 Storm and Sanitary Sewer System Video Investigation Equipment  Bids Received Peirce Equipment
QPA-7-2016 July 19, 2016 Sludge Hauling Services Bids Received
R+D Trucking
OTE: 2016-5R Aug 4, 2016 Normandy Heights Road Improvement Project Rebid
Bids Received Black Rock Enterprizes
OTE: 2016-3 Sept 8, 2016 Butterworth Sewage Treatment Plant Clarifiers Rehabilitation  Bids Received  JEV Construction 

Quotations Sept 8, 2016 Quotations for Laboratory Services    Eurofins QC Inc
OTE: 2016-7 October 12, 2016  Old Glen Road Sewer Trunk Line Rehabilitation Project Bids Recevied  Allstate Power Vac